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Monday, October 19, 2009

Bargain Domestic on Air New Zealand - new base fares

Route category:
New Zealand domestic

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Travel period(s):
19OCT09 onwards

Air New Zealand

Fare category:
economy class

The fair air fare is shown airfare below, which is the published fare plus fare add-ons. Fare add-ons for this real cheap air fare is the amount in note (1) below.

down 37% Masterton to Whakatane $95
down 37% Whakatane to Masterton $95
down 36% Kaitaia to Wanganui $139
down 36% Wanganui to Kaitaia $139

(1) Fare add-on is nil.
(2) Other Air New Zealand new base fares are not at least 10% cheaper than current air fares offered by other airlines.
(3) These fares appear to be errors. We expect they will not last long before being corrected.

Fares are based on information supplied to us.
We take no responsibility for errors and omissions, or for any subsequent changes made by airlines, or for any restrictions imposed by airlines.
We only post summaries of the real cheap air fares. For detailed fare rules and sale conditions please consult the relevant airline or your travel agent.

bargain domestic Air NZ economy

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